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Terms of Service

Welcome to IIHMRU online platform. We thank you for registering in our online courses. The terms of reference (TOR) Intellectual Property Rights and Privacy policy for online learning are as follows:

By clicking to the Register option, the participant agrees to the TOR, Intellectual Property Rights and Privacy policy of the University. The user ID and password is for your personal use only and sharing is not permissible. In case of violation of TOR the access to the website, course content may be blocked and agreement terminated. You shall not damage, disable or impair our server/ network or interfere with any other party’s use. You shall not attain unauthorized access through hacking or any other means and neither attempt to obtain any other information stored on the site or associated computers. During the use of our course the following items is strictly prohibited:

  • During the course you shall have to submit your assignments. You may not post any unlawful content to mislead your faculty, defamatory or indecent proposals or use malware to damage the system.
  • You have to provide your name, email address and user password to create a user account and shall not share this information with anybody. You shall provide accurate current information to the University for continued use of the website for learning purposes only in your selected course.
  • If you enroll for a professional education course which has a course fee, you shall have to deposit same during the stipulated time frame. You shall also have to enroll in the University to join the course. You will also have to submit a photograph of self along with photo ID for authentication of your identity.
  • The University reserves the right to terminate your use of the site for any reasonable cause after giving due notice to you. You may also be denied credit of the course or if any certificate earned could be revoked and no refunds will be given in case of violation of TOR on your part.

Intellectual Property Rights

While you are granted use of the website and access to the course content, you acknowledge and agree that we are the sole and exclusive owner of the website and are vested with all Intellectual Property Rights in the website and course content. Although you have access to the course content it does not give you any right title or interest of a proprietary nature in the website.